Privacy Policy

Our company is committed to protecting user’s privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and data security practices for this website.

When you visit our website you are providing information about your visit in the following ways

  • Statistics are collected as you browse our website, according to the page you visit or other content pages you see.
  • You can provide us organizational and personal information for establishing contact with us.

We handle these information from you, like we log the host name or IP address for system administration and security purpose. These logs later is used to monitor and analysis. Our server can write Cookies, a small encrypted data string, to your hard drive. But this cannot be used to access or otherwise compromise the data in your hard drive. Cookies will also allow you to retrieve previous search result. But it cannot be used to execute code or deliver and virus.

Registration form that you fill requires you to give us the correct contact information, such as your name, email address, information about your company, phone numbers as all this information will allow us to serve you in the best possible way. This information provided by you is used by us to send you the information about our company, like name, products update, special offers, and also newsletters. This will allow you to opt for some of the best solution that we offer, even some times at best possible price that we offer.

We use the above information:

  • To respond you better, as it gives your personal information
  • To improve our website, as we keep on getting feedback which gives us the opportunity to improve our website.
  • Information provided by you helps us to respond you more effectively according to the service requested and support required.
  • It also helps us to provide you with periodic emails.

Internet online commerce gives you the privacy of your credit card information like name, address, email and any other information that you provide. We offer security measure from your website through your browser that is SSL encryption. As when any personal information like credit card is provided SSL will encode this information only to you and customer service personnel, so it is safe and secure. Moreover, it also ensures the smooth transaction of the process.

If you do not want to provide the credit card information for any other security reason, that also can be handled. You can place an order without placing the credit card information and later our representative will contact you by phone to carry out the process.

Our website has chat room, forums and newsgroups, so please be careful before disclosing any information, as the information in these areas becomes open for public. Also we do not share the information provided by you with any third party.

Our website continues to provide you the information from us, from that point where we request information from all our visitors. It becomes the part of our database, for interacting with them. You can change or modify the information previously provided by you sending mail. To remove your information from our database please send mail request so to opt for not receiving and future communication.

Our website is intent to secure your personal information with the highest level of security. It uses latest secure server technique for keeping the information provided by you secure enough.

Also this site has links to other site, but we are not responsible for the privacy practice of other website which can be linked from this site.