We focus on your need very wisely. Steps that we follow are:

Gathering information – The initial study by a very highly professional personnel is carried out to understand the requirement and objective of the business. Also at this point we identify the appropriate technology that you need, and schedule the process that will be followed during the project.

Feasibility Evaluation – we gather the information based on which we offer a complete and accurate solution that is best suited for you. After the confirmation only the project actually starts.

System development – includes coding the solution

Project Progress – clients are informed about their project development.

Testing – Testing by test engineers

Final delivery – End of the project phase

We have specialty in:

–        Software development, architecture and design

–        Mobile software , iPhone, Android, window mobile, design and development

–        Web applications

–        Customized Program coding and debugging

–        We offer cross – platform mobile application development, that can be deployed across all popular operating system and devices like iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Desktop and Web)

–        Features for multi-platform, multi – device deployment.

–        Excellent performance, security and scalability .

–        Full .NET compatibility of applications

–        Partitioning between the server and client components is automatic.

–        Price flexibility


We use the technology :

–        c/c++

–        Objective – C

–        C#

–        C#.NET

–        Visual Basic

–        VB.NET | VB | VB Script

–        JAVA Script

–        ASP.NET

–        JAVA

–        J@EE

–        Ajax

–        Python

–        PHP

–        HTML/DHTML

–        WordPress

–        Joomla

–        Other CMS

Information technology in today’s world is one of the fastest growing industry, and with huge change in the technologies and increasing demand of automation, Progaya is constantly in the progress of process updating and developing new skill for emerging technologies. It is end – to – end supplier of software service provider, with a large range of application software , in web and client server technologies, is serving its client nonstop.

Our mobile is emerging as one of the best company, our team develops mobile apps that provide complete front end and back end mobile application development support. Our team covers large audience and provides greater returns to clients. Our team is fully dedicated and highly efficient to accept challenges and develop accordingly, that suits our clients need. We are skillful software development Company, which provides various solutions and services for latest smart phones in the market today.

The growth of online shopping has increased a lot. People want to buy everything by clicking rather than going to the market. Due to their busy schedule on line shopping seems to be the perfect solution. The growth of online shopping thus has increased the demand for PHP development and also using other source technology like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PHP, etc.

It helps in development of

–        Custom website design, development and maintenance

–        Ecommerce website development

–        Dynamic website design and shopping portal

–        Gaming website design and development

Services that we provide for ecommerce is

–        Custom ecommerce website design and website development

–        SEO friendly navigation for the website

–        Developing the shopping cart

–        Our solution is for both (B2B) business to business and (B2C) business to customer

–        Meta tagging and keyword defining facility as the part of the design and development

–        Our cart has facility of multiple payment option like Paypal and online banking

–        It is smartly designed according to the products and need of the client

–        It is very user friendly, not having very complex procedure to understand and follow

–        Our team is highly professional to develop the website using different technologies like PHP, ASP.Net, etc.