About Us

Progarya is one of the provider of the mobile and desktop application development tools, modernization and integrated software. Today Progarya supports a range of companies around the world with its product and services. It has developed the business oriented, database centric system in critical areas like enterprise, resource planning, financial accounting, sales force automation, supply chain management and e-business. It helps technical and business professionals to maximize their productivity and deliver what is expected from them every day.


Tools that we use can be retrofitted to existing systems to refresh application, as well as it also serves the best to brand new business system. it helps the customer of Progarya achieve and maintain long-term value from their software investment. From rapid positioning to ongoing optimization services, Progarya helps its customer from creating of technology, support, system management, and solution expertise. It helps its customer to derive the greatest value and performance from Progarya solution – within stipulated time, with lower risk and at an improved cost.


Progarya’s commitment to long term customer success is showcased in it’s all kind of services. Solution provided is used by many companies to gain a unique understanding of the of supply chain obstacles and opportunities and by helping companies across the world to transform into a powerful competitive advantage. It has helped companies gain bigger command of commerce and noteworthy return on investment. It empowers the companies irrespective of any size across the world. To make the decision that improves profitability and achieve very good results in manufacturing, wholesale distribution, transportation and logistics, retail and service industries.


The key to our success also goes to the great person who comprises our team. They are all united by the passion of technology and the dedication towards their work. Our professional team not only is capable enough but is very loyal and hardworking too. Also since the very beginning, we have tried to build a very strong lasting bond with our customers. It goes beyond that vendor – customer relationship. It takes giving from both the ends, we are happy to have many devoted supporters who stick with us in our good and bad times and help us to become a better company, in all fields’ product, practice and culture.


Whether you are keeping track of a very big inventory at a small shop, or developing a customized in house accounting system for a multi-national firm, may be it is a small or big medium business, or a very large enterprise, you can trust Progarya to bring you the solution based on best of technology and market trends.


­We are different as:


We take the bottom – line approach to each project, focusing on the business goals of our clients and try to find the best way to achieve them. Our client often see increased traffic and new leads. We have different departments for each services we offer from planning, designing, development, to marketing. Representatives of all our departments are in constant contact with each other for moving the project forward smoothly. So our client does not have to hire different companies to get their project finished on time. We have a proven record of hitting the deadlines and finishing the projects on time, so that to maintain a good and long healthy relationship with our clients. Our work speaks for itself and so does our customers.


We are committed to provide the best integrated software program. Our solution can scale and adapt to the need of multiplatform client/server application, or web based rich internet application.