Progary has a team of highly skilled people who are focused and are well trained to build high quality software solution that meets our client’s strategic business objective. We always keep our customer first, and focus on their business requirements and then developing the software, which suits them the best. Our clients are benefited by our excellent software development skills.

The services that we provide are

  •  Software product development
  • Custom application development
  • Web application development
  • Web design and development
  • Mobile application
  • Desk top application

We also offer you very flexible solution. The solution we offer can be virtually integrated with any enterprise system. Once you get it developed , you can use it for other operating systems like for iOS, Android, Window Mobile, Desk top and web. The solution we offer are smartly built and are simple and easy to understand. The testing is also done so as to give you a bug free solution. It can be used on different browsers, so we pay special attention to browser compatibility.

Your business is benefited by using our solutions

  • Increase the operational proficiency
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity
  • Can help you to make improved and correct decision as it gives you up to date information, that can be accessed easily anytime
  • It increases your satisfaction as you can use it in all major mobile OS and desktop / web.
  • It reduces maintenance cost in multi – platforms
  • It also reduces multi – platform application development

We are in various domain Banking and finance, Medical, Insurance, pharmaceutical solutions, POS, ERP, CRM, IT and telecom, transport, logistics, stock management, hospitality management, travel and tourism, e-commerce, mobile computing and many more.

We try our level best to meet the need of our client functionality, quality, and affordability. We are always there to help you with the best we have which is our hard work, skilled resources and commitment to deliver on time. We deliver the best, with no compromise in quality on the final product.

We offer the services that suits you the best

–        Software product development, this will help you to manage time and resources, at the same time focusing on reaching your business objective.

–        CADM client existing system can also be updated according to the new requirement and needs. They can make their complex operation easier, using our technologies.

–        Web development and design we help you to develop a customized web solution not only for simple corporate website to ecommerce solutions. Our experts will help you with conception, brand sensitivity and design execution.

–        Mobile development we have a strong expertise in building mobile application on mobile operating system : iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and others

–        Our solution can be evolved with your growing business. Without starting from start, it can be enhanced to suit your need.

–        It is simple solutions for very complex challenges of your business.

Our main Objective is to

–        Help our customer achieve their goal.

–        Your business requirement will be handled by experienced analyst to understand the needs carefully and thus accordingly developing the software.

–        High quality, customized, flexibility to offered solution

–        Quality assurance

–        Testing done by qualified test engineers.

–        Proper documentation

–        Solution on time